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October sunrise over Mount Baker from the hill at BriarCroft

BriarCroft Farm Blog
Emily Gibson

A blog chronicling farm and family life in Whatcom County, Washington

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Mt. Baker at Sunset

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Summer sunset right before a rainfall  July 2008 taken by Nate Gibson

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BriarCroft Christmas Eve 2008

Our hay barn at BriarCroft, built in the early 1900s from old growth timbers recycled from a nearby sawmill--drawing and watercolor by Dick Laninga

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1903 hay barn at BriarCroft

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Dogwood in ice storm and full April bloom
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BriarCroft Christmas Eve (December)

Trillium in our woods and our treehouse in the 100 year old black walnut tree

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Haflinger mare born on our farm and one of her newborn foals

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Snowy Day at BriarCroft

Mt. Baker from our kitchen window

photo by Nate Gibson, snowstorm Dec.2008




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